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Welcome to the Collective. I’m just a lover of anime and I had a dream of creating original and hype anime clothing that you are proud to wear and style. We believe that we succeeded in creating this and if you think so too we’d love if you’d pick one up!


TheAnimeCollective is committed to ethically producing and manufacturing all our items in the USA and ensuring compliance throughout the entire supply chain. We believe in a made to order system to ensure absolutely no waste is disposed of in the manufacturing process.

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Not even joking, this is my favorite sweatshirt by far. I've been looking for so long for anime merch that isn’t some cheap iron-on picture. The picture is clear and doesn’t feel like it’ll come off anytime soon, and the shipping was fast.


Lauren H.

I bought this cause it’s damn near impossible to find black clover mercy at least good ones and this material is so soft and machine washable!

Black Clover Love!

Erica J.

Great quality hoodie! Looking forward to getting another one

Getting More!

Jack M.

I absolutely love this hoodie! I love the design, it's so clear. I'm glad to have found an anime merch shop with unique designs.

Love it!

Brittany E.

Honestly this is the most amazing & comfortable hoodie I have ever bought. Worth my money ✨ Baku looking cute as HELL!!


Thashira V.

It has a great material that doesn’t feel too heavy and it keeps me warm. Love the design on it too, keep up the good work

Comfy Hoodie!

Justin M.